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How much seniors housing will be needed
for tomorrow’s aging baby boomers?


Who is Brandon Schwab?

Brandon Schwab is the Founder and General Partner of Boutique Senior Living Fund (BSLF). From the time he was just 15, Brandon was already an entrepreneur and worked tirelessly to learn the real estate market during his 20s and early 30s and by 2014, he amassed a rental portfolio of 23 homes.

In 2008, Brandon’s world changed when his father Bud had a stroke, giving the Schwab family a first-hand experience with the disappointing reality of large senior living facility care. After his stroke, Bud required 24-hour assistance and the Schwab family was disappointed by the dreary hospital atmosphere and poor quality of care their father received. Brandon realized that seniors like his father deserve better care and set out to use his portfolio of properties to build it.

Shepherd Premier Senior Living (SPSL) was born out of this urgency to provide warm, family-quality care for seniors. Over the past 8 years, SPSL has grown to seven boutique senior living style homes located in the Midwest with 10-16 assisted living beds per home. SPSL homes proudly offer a much more ideal care ratio of 1:5-8 vs 1:15-20 at “big box” senior living facilities. As Schwab has grown the SPSL portfolio, he was stunned by the difficulty that senior living home operators have in accessing sufficient capital to buy, develop, and/or renovate homes to offer more beds.

This challenge led him to start BSLF, a Real Estate Debt Fund 506C, to create an efficient funding vehicle for himself and other boutique senior living home operators who aim to meet the enormous demand for senior care for a forecasted 84M elderly Americans by 2050.


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